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Monday, May 23, 2011

Q&A: Vanessa Mooney talks jewelry, fashion, and style

L.A based jewelry Designer Vanessa Mooney and I sat down for a little Q&A session. I came across her jewelry while doing some research on new up and coming designers and the moment I saw the lookbook I wanted to own every single piece. Each piece is handmade and shipped from her studio in downtown LA . Check out her website by clicking here if you want to treat yourself to some great summer pieces.

Check out my interview with Vanessa below.

your fall collection is amazing, what was your inspiration this season?
A modern take on bohemian, Native American, Western, and Ethnic jewelry.

What is your favorite piece that you ever designed?
One of the first pieces I ever designed, a group of handmade Gold Vermiel and Silver Bali Bead bracelet set! The way the different textures of the beads and color of the Gold and Silver all sat layered was so gypsy, I just loved it and whoever wore it I could tell always felt so sexy.

When designing a collection to you have a type of girl in mind, what would her style be like? Who do you see wearing your jewelry?
I like to design and see my pieces worn by that girl on the street who has her own sense of original style what ever that may be. Who inst afarid to mess around with different pieces and time periods. Layer like a gypsy pirate, stack it on like a rockstar or simplify it with a classic look.

How would you describe your style?
I love to mix vintage with Contemporary Fashion or take a piece I have had for 10 years and reinvent it into something interesting and new. I am very bohemian but love a good pair of high heels! Rock and Roll inspires me, that carefree sense of dressing or even that classic black dress with a pearl clutch. I love it all!

Who is your style icon?
Gosh I have so many! For me I don't look to one person to find what I like about Fashion! Fashion to me is everywhere I look. There is always something about someone's take on it that I admire and want to remember and design from their aesthetic and artistic viewpoints!

What was the first piece of jewelry you ever owned?
This amazing amythest colored bead pendant necklace which my grandmother gave me.

What is the one item every girl should have in her jewelry box?
Bracelets or necklaces that you can randomly layer together! and a good pair of stud earrings!

How would you describe your personal jewelry style?
I love randomly layered jewelry. I like it to look raw and effortlessly put together, like you rolled out of bed wearing those jewels. I like when it feels like the jewelry is just apart of you and if you were without it would feel naked.
If you could have one celebrity past or present to wear your jewelry who it it be?
Rhianna! I love what she does with clothing and accessories! She mixes color very boldly and I love that. Her sense of clothes that are so differently cut and put together is very cool.

What are your favorite places to shop when in NYC?
I love shopping in NY in general! Living in California it is always so cool to go to NY and walk around the different parts of the city and see all the shops! They are all so beautifully merchandised. I can't get over how freakin' cute the small boutiques are!! All the details that is put into the boutiques from the older elements of the building to the freshly renovated store fronts! One of my favorites this last trip was Rag & Bone, I found my new peach summer loafers there.


  1. The jewelry featured is beautiful! The colors and textures would brighten up any outfit.

  2. I love the ring you featured. It's absolutely beautiful!!




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