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Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Revival Boutique owner Lorin Aryeh talks about her love for fashion and vintage

After hearing for so many years about this amazing store in Roslyn NY from my best friend, I know that I had to sit down and interview the face behind the amazing finds at Revival. I got the chance to do a Q&A with Lorin Aryeh owner of Revival Boutique. Check out what its like owning an amazing fashion and vintage boutique and the everyday fabulous pieces that step through her door.

1. When did you decide to open up your store and why did you chose to focus on vintage?
Around seven years ago decided to open Revival after having worked for Scoop (when it had just started to expand) and then Prada. I was looking for a way to open a boutique that was unique yet still connected to high-end fashion. I wanted to do something different and the idea of selling Vintage alone would not appeal to everyone. So my partner and I decided to incorporate vintage, gently used and new merchandise all under one roof - making the vibe of the store the most fabulous walk-in closet. We love putting looks together - combining old and new. Having items no one else will be wearing and being able to make a fashion statement that looks easy and fabulous is our motto(and more affordable then buying it new).

2. What is your favorite thing about owning a vintage store?
I don’t just have one favorite thing! I love coming into the store every day not knowing what will come to us. It’s not like owning a store and buying off a collection or from a showroom where things look the same based on the season’s style. At Revival something amazing can come through the door at any time. That piece you always wanted but never bought. A look you want but don't want to spend $5,000 on or an item that is 5 years old but is back in style now. From Vintage Pucci gowns to last seasons Stella Jumpsuit and of course amazing Hermes Birkin bags new and used.

just a little taste of heaven

Runway Limited edition Chanel Bag

Fabulous J Mendel Pink Mink and chiffon reversible jacket

3.what would you say is the most amazing vintage piece that you found since you've opened?
Hmmmm.... again so hard cause there have been so many, I cant just pick one.
These are my top 3:
1.Roberto Cavalli Turquoise suede Hand-painted jumpsuit from the 80's.
2. Halston all black sequin coat dress to the floor
3.Balenciaga short dress – insanity!
Oh and two pieces that ended up on celebrities at highly photographed events - Oleg Cassini mini sequin silver dress and a Hermes gown strapless printed gown.

4. What is your favorite vintage item that you have recently purchased for yourself?
I wouldn't really call it vintage but there was a Matthew Williamson bag a few years ago that I saw on Net-a-porter for around $3000. It was this heavily beaded beach bag. I debated buying it and by the time I decided to buy it-it was gone, EVERYWHERE! I was heartbroken. I had high hopes that the bag would one day show up at Revival (still hoping for this to happen) but a shirt identical to the bag, from the same collection arrived one day and I was over the moon. It was the same exact fabric and beading. I love that shirt and I love my store for that reasons.

5. What makes your store different then other fashion boutiques?
Our merchandise is top of its game. Always in immaculate condition and our selection is off the charts. We have so much wonderful merchandise we often have to turn items down. We have to limit ourselves and take less Diane Von Furstenberg and Phillip Lim to make room for some amazing Bottega Veneta and Armani. But we always try and carry a bit of everything we deem fashionable.

6. Who is you favorite designer at the moment?
Brunello Cuccinelli and The Row. I am huge fan of fun, elegant, subtle and sexy! Both of these designers fill all of my requirements.

7. If you could pick any designer to fill your closet who would it be?
If I had to pick one designer to wear everyday for all occasions, it would be Ralph Lauren. I find his pieces to be so wearable, so fashionable, and always sexy in a subtle and elegant way. A basic white dress fits like a glove, his wide leg silk trousers make you feel like a super model, and his limited runway pieces are artwork for the body.

8. What's the meaning of Revival?
Technical definition...
- The act or an instance of reviving.
- The condition of being revived.
- A restoration to use, acceptance, activity, or vigor after a period of obscurity or quiescence.
We found it to be perfect for our store. Clothes are given a second chance at being loved, shown off and are re-born. One person's last season is another person’s current obsession.

selection of new and vintage jewelry-everything from Hermes, chanel to Lanvin and Marni. The list is endless and yes every girls dream jewelry box.

9. How would you describe your style?
I would say its laid back chic. A bit bohemian with a touch of sexiness that is classic and refined.

For day I love mixing sexy short khaki shorts with a fabulous Gucci Silk tunic and lace-up the leg gold Hermes flats.
For night I think an Ivory Silk Armani Blazer with nothing under it and a pair of Navy sequin Kaufman Franco Shorts.... and Flats! Love my flats - they give me that "I don't care about what I'm wearing look"
Runway Louis Vuitton dress

10.What is/are your summer essential?
Flat sandals are a must and this season I am obsessed with Brunello Cucinelli.Low open-back dresses in beautiful bohemian prints(think Etro) to casual shorts from J-brand to Abercrombie. Anything from The Row and Tunics from Gucci, Etro, and Missoni. I always love accessorizing with Brown Leather Beryll belts and a mix of leather and/or beaded bracelets stacked on the wrist.

11. Do you have any famous faces that frequent at your store? Yes several but I have promised secrecy! From a few famous fashion designers to musicians and actors and even a few celebrities daughters! They continue to be loyal Revival shoppers and show their faces at the most random of times. I can tell you in a private but not to print.

12. Who is your favorite fashion blogger at the moment?

Well littlesecrets of course! I have a baby and find myself a bit short of time lately but when I have some extra time I also go to to read and Net-A-Porter to shop!

If your ever in the area you must check it out:
Revival Boutique
1374 Old Northern Boulevard
Old Village of Roslyn, NY

7.20.2011 peaches n 'cream

pants: sonia by sonia rykiel $390
blouse:the row $475
shoes: rag&bone wedges $395
jewelry: kenneth jay lane $150
sunglasses:ray-ban $130
bag: Chloe $1265
nail polish: chanel nude $23

hot pink obsession

Alexander McQueen
Suede ankle boots $1,075

Thursday, July 14, 2011

Top 3 restaurants with the best Oysters in NYC

The Dutch:This is my #1 place at the moment to eat Oysters. A small selection of four oysters from Beausoleil, Blue Point, Malpeque, and Kumamoto all are delicious. Served with delicious cocktail sauce that is perfectly spiced, my group of friends and I could not stop eating them. (But the entire menu is yummy so don't fill up on the Oysters save room for the entrees!)

The Dutch
131 Sullivan Street
212 677 6200

Blue Ribbon: Open from 4pm-4am this bustling dining room is always packed but once you finally get seated it is well worth the wait. With a delicious glass of Sauvignon Blanc and a platter of oysters you cant go wrong here (especially if your craving them after a few drinks at 2am:).

Blue Ribbon
97 Sullivan Street
212 274 0404

The Lobster Place: Amazing fresh seafood! You literally walk inside and you start salvating because everything is soooo fresh. I went there one afternoon and took a lobster roll to go and a few osyters and sat with my boyfriend on the high line, it was an amazing afternoon with deliciously fresh seafood.

Chelsea Market
The Lobster Place
75 Ninth Avenue
212 255 5672


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