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Wednesday, May 16, 2012

The secrets to R&S

My two very close friends from Israel started this amazing concept from shopping at home. Two of them are  fashionista's and risk takers when it comes to fashion. They travel the world to find amazing one of a kind pieces to sell once a month from their home. The concept started with the idea to sell clothes to their close friends and today R&S has become your one stop shop in Tel Aviv. Who could ask for more, traveling the world, shopping for amazing one of a kind pieces, and working with your best friend- every girls dream! I sat down with Renana one of the girls from R&S to catch up and see how the two of them came up with this incredible concept. Check out she had to say...

Renana Cohen and Shira Ben-Yehuda

1. What does R&S stand for?

R&S supports the concept of one of a kind, affordable fashion.  The Global trend of huge chains such as H&M and Forever 21 is causing clothes to lose their uniqueness by their high visibility. At R&S we choose our clothes very carefully and bring one garment of each item so girls wearing it don’t have to worry about seeing someone wearing the same piece.

2. What made you guys come together and start this amazing concept of shopping and styling from your home?

Girls love to get dressed together and to get feedback from one another. I always go over a friend’s place to get ready or to add additional pieces to my outfit with accessories. We didn’t want to open a store- we think it can be a little impersonal for our customers. The first time we brought clothes back we said "let’s give it a try" and after that, we realized that this concept is more personal and people actually come to us for styling advice.

3.What is your favorite part of your job?

My favorite part of the job is taking the actual pictures of the clothes we bring back. We can actually put pieces together and creat outfits; getting the customer's feedback is amazing!

4. You both obviously see unique things when you travel so how do you select what you bring back for the sale?

The clothing and accessories that we see in our travels are endless and sometimes that can be a problem. We buy items that we could actually see ourselves wearing, which so far has been very successful.

 5. How would you describe your style?

I would describe my style as urban comfortable. I love long dresses and skirts and I would never be caught wearing a dress that is too tight! This summer it's all about bracelets and layering them on in exaggeration. I'm currently obsessed with the woven threaded bracelets that are one of a kind. Huge fan of maxi skirts and love Jeffrey Campbell all season long!

6. You both love accessorizing and have endless amount of amazing pieces, what accessory can you not live with out?

No doubt the accessory that I cannot live without is bracelets. I wear this gold bracelet on my arm my mom gave me and havent taken it off in five years.

7. What blog/s are you currently reading?

littlesecretsforyou obviously! and Flavia D at


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