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Friday, February 4, 2011

Art in the city with Blair

Sitting on the UES having a glass of wine at Bergdorf with my good friend Blair, we started talking about new ideas for and I asked her to be a guest blogger on the site and share her endless knowledge about the art world. At the moment Blair is taking some time off until she starts her next big adventure at so it was the perfect time! She agreed to let me interview her to give her a little introduction.

1. When you moved into the city, did you know right away the art was the field you wanted to explore? Absolutely! Being in the art and/or design field is something I always wanted to do-- and hope I always am lucky enough to get be a part of it!

2. can you give us an idea of what the art world is like? Well, it's broad. I generally say it's divided into four parts: the dealer/gallery, the auction house, the institution (museums and universities), and the collectors and patrons. Each with different ways of seeing the art world, and very different motivations. It thrives on beauty, money, and emotion.

3. have you met any great artist? I never worked with living artists, so I haven't met any big name artists, hopefully I will soon!

4.have you bought any great art? I am certainly not yet the collector I want to be! But I spend a lot of time looking and shopping. I think shopping for art on a budget brings you upon some amazing treasures, because you have to look long and hard. It really hones your sense of what you like and builds your confidence.

5. You recently left the Alexander Gallery and got a new job at the brick and mortar venture of Congratulations, what will you be doing there? It's 1stdibs at the New York Design Center-- it's so brand new and I think I'll be doing a bit of everything from sales to client relations...I'll find out when I start next week!

6. Whos your favorite artist and why? Hieronymus Bosch and Roy Lichtenstein. The strangest combination ever?

7.lets bring it back to fashion, who are you favorite designers and fashion icon? I like fashion that's classic and requires little effort. I will wear the same thing everyday if it looks good and fits well. I would have to go with Chanel, Phillip Lim, Missoni, Roberta Freymann (clothes, jewelry and furniture!) And the Upper East Side gallery girl in me loves Milly. 100 percent Jackie O'
- Sophisticated, timeless, effortlessly chic...always!

8. what is your day to day attire at work? Black, black, and black.

9. what are your favorite shops on the UES? A lot of what I buy is in vintage stores around where I live. There are great little shops in the east 70's and 80's. But unfortunately I buy all the great stuff before anyone else can...kidding!

10. why do people call you bunny? Hmm...why wouldn't they call me bunny??!

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