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Thursday, January 20, 2011

love yourself and look beautiful while doing it

I've known Arielle Fierman for almost 15 years and she was always accessorized well. She always had unique jewelry on her whether it was from her mom or grandmother, so when she decided to start her own jewelry line I was 100% supportive and couldnt wait to see her grow. Below is my interview with Arielle and her thoughts on staying healthy and looking good while doing it.

when did you realize that you wanted to design jewelry?
I love color. I love accessories. and I love having a hobby! One summer during college I needed to take a Statistics class. The thought of summer school made me sick, so I decided to take it somewhere downtown and fun! Ended up taking it at FIT (Fashion Institute of Technology)in NYC. I wasn't going to take a math class there without taking something fashion-related, so decided to take a jewelry class too! After taking that class, I just felt inspired to keep on taking classes and designing. I would design for myself (i get dressed based on what piece of jewelry im going to wear). After a while, people started complimenting me, so I started letting my friends borrow my pieces and then it turned into a business!

Its seems like your support has grown tremendously in the past year, how does it feel to be an independent designer being featured in top magazines?
It's SO exciting!!! Women are contacting me from all over! The iloveme rings and necklaces are being worn by people from NY to LA to Kentucky to Canada, all the way to London! I hate selling and pitching myself so when people find out about me, it's a really exciting feeling. I'm just happy that women are buying something with intention- an intention to make themselves happier and healthier.

Can you tell us a little bit about what bewellwitharielle jewelry stands for?
I graduated nutrition school, The Institute for Integrative Nutrition about 3 years ago. When I graduated, I became a Certified Health Coach, and on the side I would make jewelry. There were days when i didn't know what to call myself or do with my time - felt like jack of all trades, master of none. Once I decided to mesh both of my passions together- wellness and jewelry, I created a health Coaching and jeWELLry company. In addition to working with clients one-on-one to help them reach their goals of feeling and looking great, I also make wellness jeWELLry.

The heart collection is amazing, and its crazy how many girls I see around the city wearing your ring do you have another collection in mind?
Thank you! It's definitely becoming very popular and I'm really excited about how many women are wearing them. The heart collection is called the iloveme collection- it was designed to be a reminder for women to look down at their hands and remember to love and take care of themselves. The more we can love ourselves, the more happy we will be and the more we can open our hearts to love others. I have lots of ideas for other collections and I'm in the midst of designing now...wellness related, of course! You can view the iloveme collection here- If you have any ideas or requests for another wellness collection that I should design, send them my way!

Whos your inspiration?
There isn't one person or thing that inspires me, but I would say the following people inspire me on a daily basis:
- My sister (beautiful inside and out)
- My mom (energetic, friendly, selfless)
- Gabrielle Bernstein- my life coach (taught me how to focus, clear my fears and stay positive and strong)
- Lady Gaga (her fearlessness to be different, look different, approach things differently)
- Mary J Blidge (her mission to empower women through her gorgeous voice)

I know that your jewelry ties into wellness can you tell us more about that?
As a Certified Health Coach, I've learned that what you put in your body affects how you feel, but so does what you put on your body. All of my designs are created with intention and meaning to make you feel beautiful from the inside-out. Also, all of the materials I use are good for the environment- made with reclaimed materials, fresh-water pearls and conflict free diamonds. All pieces are energized with reiki (a healing energy performed by friend who is a reiki master!), and all are made with love in NYC.

whats the first thing you do every morning?
Before or after i get out of bed?! The very first thing I do every morning after I open my eyes, is I recap all of the things i want to accomplish that day and I tell myself that it's going to be a great day! Starts me off on a positive note. Then, I go straight to the refridgerator and pour myself a glass of water, I take a probiotic, then i brush my teeth!

you have flawless amazing skin, whats your beauty regime?
I definitely don't have flawless skin...but to keep my skin glowing, I:
- drink a lot of water
- take a probiotic (i like innate)
- take a multivitamin (i like rainbow light for women)
- eat lots of vegetables (my favorite is kale), fruit, grains (i love quinoa) and beans.
- always read ingredients- limit eating processed foods, gluten, dairy and meat.
- think positively
- get vit D from the sun
- breathe
- do yoga
-smile often!

How would you describe your style?
Unique, funky, creative, colorful.

Who are you fashion icons?
Tough question. I dont really have any fashion icons- I just appreciate people with different, unique style but I'm loving she definitely has a unique style, she's totally spiritual and just too cool.

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