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Sunday, January 2, 2011

The life of a new york city stylist

Vannessa Packer

My good friend Vanessa Packer and I sat down one afternoon and she agreed to let me interview her for my blog. She is an extremely talented stylist and photographer and has collaborated with some of the most leading photographers, designers, and magazines all over the world. Describing her style as immigrant chic which fits her perfectly, check out what she has to say about her love for fashion and her life as a stylist.

Vanessa, since the day I met you, you have had this love for fashion.Today you are an amazingly talented stylist, what made you decide that styling is what you want to do in the industry?

I was looking to make a change in my career and some friends in the fashion industry pushed me to look into fashion styling. With their assistance and support I was able to get my first few jobs assisting. The progression into styling my own shoots and leading in the creative direction of projects happened naturally. It’s been an inspiring and fun journey. I’m excited for what new clients and experiences lie in 2011.

What was your favorite job or designer to work with?

When I was assisting I had the opportunity to work on a Dolce and Gabbana campaign. Steven Klein was the photographer on the shoot. To work with one of the greatest living fashion photographers, watch his vision bring the clothes and the story to life was a treat. On my own, I love working with the designer Lindsey Thornburg. We have a great team that works on all her campaigns and look books, and each season we travel to a different local to capture the spirit of the collection. This season we are getting ready to put on her first presentation during New York Fashion Week, which we’re very excited for.

What are you currently working right now?

Currently I’m working on fashion week. As I mentioned, Lindsey Thornburg will be putting on her first presentation, and this will be the second season I will be working with designer Whitney Pozgay, the designer of WHIT, on her show. In addition I have some shoots and video work in between that I am excited about.

What are 5 essential items that every girl must have in her winter woredrobe this season?

Winter is such a fun season for dressing. Of course to stay warm a great coat is beyond necessary. I like to check out the flea markets and vintage stores to find something truly unique and one of a kind that everyone in New York won’t be wearing. Also, if you are into furs, buying vintage is often a great way to save money on a piece you’ll have for life like a fur coat. I think a black sweater dress is a great way to be sexy while keeping warm. I love The Row for classic pieces like an LBSD (little black sweater dress). For sure a boyfriend sweater is on the list. I particularly like heather-grey crew necks. My favorite is one I picked up at the vintage store Duo in the East Village. I’m a boot girl, whether they’re knee-high or bootie. Depending on what suits your taste, a great black boot that can go from day to night is a must. Lastly, a hat is always a great way to stay stylist while bundling up. Molly Yestadt makes the best hats! I like to tie a scarf around the brim for some extra flare.

What is your most favorite item in your closet at the moment?

Wow this is so tough, but I think at the moment my most favorite item in my closet is a short black shearling jacket I purchased at The Row sample sale. It’s beyond warm but super fitted and sexy. I’m obsessed.

Who is your biggest inspiration?

Also a tough question. My biggest inspiration is my mom. She’s effortlessly stylish and had me on the cusp of fashion since I was in the womb. She also is an incredible collector of all eras, and she saved everything. I’m so lucky to have great pieces dating back three generations, and it’s all because she held onto all of it. My first impressions of fashion and style came from her, and I often find inspiration from her old photos, books, clothing and accessories.

How would you describe your personal style?

immigrant chic.

Who is your fashion icon?

I probably have too many fashion icons. Again my mother tops the list, along with Talitha Pol Getty, Bianca Jagger, Isabelle Blow, Kate Moss, The Stones, Emmanuelle Alt, every French woman in Paris haha. The list goes on and on…

What's on your wishlist?

Ouuuu wish list...everything Celine, Chanel, and Proenza.

What did you do for NYE?

I spent NYE with my best friend Maya (the amazing fashion blogger) in Woodstock!

Check out below-some of Vanessa's work. Or check out her website


Lulu Frost


American Elle

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